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Restore Your Kitchen Cabinets in Portland, Oregon

Are your kitchen cabinets starting to look faded and out-of-date? Maybe you are thinking about replacing them with new cabinets but you are concerned about the cost. You can save time and money by calling us to bring new life to your cabinets. You don’t have to deal with the hassle of pulling out old cabinets and measuring and installing new cabinets. We can transform the look of your cabinets and increase their overall value with our wood services. We perform valuable services for your cabinets and hardwood floors to return them to their natural beauty. These services include both refinishing and restoration.

Hardwood Floor Installation in Portland, OR

In addition to restoring your cabinets and hardwood floors, we provide professional installation of new hardwood flooring. If you want to replace your carpet or tile with hardwood, we are the experts to call. Once you have your hardwood installed, you know that we can make it last a lifetime with our professional restoration and refinishing. Here is the process we follow to install high-quality wood floors:

  • You choose from a variety of hardwood options
  • We remove existing flooring
  • Prepare the remaining sub-flooring for new installation
  • Take multiple steps to install and secure new hardwood over the sub-flooring
  • Provide high-quality finishing for lasting durability

Our Wood Doctoring Services

We supply more than just high-quality cabinet refinishing and hardwood floors. We make sure that all of the materials we use are environmentally friendly. If you are looking for a company that is committed to minimizing our environmental impact, contact us. We support the ecosystem with our services in several ways, which include the following:

  • Use of eco-friendly, waterborne products
  • Use of non-toxic chemicals
  • Restore rather than replace existing wood to save trees
  • Recycle 80% of our waste
  • Reduce landfill

Save Money with Our Cabinet Restoration

If you are budget-conscious, ask us for ways you can save money on restoring your kitchen cabinets in Portland, Oregon. Other companies will replace or reface cabinets, but this can cost you. Our refinishing and high-quality restoration service makes your cabinets look like new for a small fraction of the cost. Call a replacement company first to get your quote and then call us. You will see that our service is the obvious bargain.

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